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Aïki, the quick & easy snack to never miss out on anything again!

Gamers are an important strategic target, as Aïki can offer them a quick and easy snack during gaming, so they don’t have to miss out on anything.

Play the Belgian game “You Suck At Parking” to win the newly announced PS5.

The R of rewards made 'em enter, the C of challenge made it fun to keep playing.


Introducing Starbucks Double Shot, a new gamer-drink

Starbucks launched its Double Shot ice drink. A drink that shows the perfect balance of ingredients to go & keep going. Exactly what gamers need. So we pushed them to the limits via the Double Shot league while sampling and boosting brand awareness of the new drink.

Focused on the C of challenges & the V of vigour, we tested the vigour of our contestees in a multi-round tournament setup.


Let your ears guide you: the JBL Quantum blindfold challenge.

In 2020, VCTRY helped JBL talk game to launch their first ever encounter in the gaming scene: their newest JBL Quantum headset line-up.

This year, we focus on the incredible benefits of the JBL headsets. Known & reknown brand for its superb sound qualities, the spatial effects of the new headsets make every game come to life.

The C of challenges can be taken literally: a blindfold, a headset, a team mate to guide you... Let your ears guide you!


Acquisition of gamer audiences go through the roof!

HLN, Flanders largest newspaper, wanted to grow its foothold amongst gamers. VCTRY reached out to gamers on their favourite channels with an offer they can't refuse: a free Nintendo Switch Mini with a subscription.

The result? The best acquisition effort to date for the Belgian newspaper.

How? Connecting gamers where they are, convincing with Y: providing them the perfect Yield.


Claiming commaradery for the newest COD WWII game

We launched the new Call of Duty game set in WWII. “You win together, you lose together!” is something we took seriously by selecting gamers to go on a once-in-a-lifetime 'WWII-styled' mission.

Focused on the C of challenges, we provided multiple to win, but the biggest challenge was to survive the weekend loaded with real-life gaming adventure.


Bringing the Nintendo community together. For real.

Nintendo has years of history and some unique characters that gamers relate with. The Nintendo fan base is enormous and bringing them together to share their love for their gaming hobby, is what’s the basis for the Nintendo Night.

The T of team couldn't be more key. Or should we say the C for community rather?


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