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Precision Targeting.

with First-Party Data
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VCTRY as your
media partner

At VCTRY, we leverage first-party data from over 1.5 million gamers in the Benelux to create tailored brand campaigns. Whether you're an endemic or non-endemic brand, our insights offer a precision targeting that connects deeply with the gaming audience.

  • TikTok
  • Snapchat
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitch
  • Youtube
  • Discord
  • LinkedIn
  • Spotify
  • Twitter

Audience Insights

Detailed analytics of gaming behavior and preferences. Understand the nuances of different gamer segments, from casual mobile players to hardcore PC gamers. Utilize these insights to create highly targeted and relevant campaigns.

Custom Campaigns

Leverage our data to craft custom campaigns that resonate. Whether it’s a creative display ad or an immersive influencer collaboration, we ensure your message aligns perfectly with gamer interests and trends for maximum engagement.

Cross-Platform Reach

From the dynamic streams of Twitch to the community hubs of Reddit, and beyond. We navigate the complex landscape of gaming platforms, ensuring your brand makes an impact wherever gamers play, chat, and connect.

Engage the live-streaming community with interactive and targeted ads. Ideal for real-time engagement and connecting with dedicated gaming audiences.

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Gaming Ad Space

VCTRY offers a strategic alliance with, a portal with over a million monthly visitors, to engage with gamers during key decision-making moments. Our advanced targeting ensures your ads hit the mark, capitalizing on over five million monthly impressions.

"Million-plus monthly visitors"

Plus, our innovative DOOH (Digital Out of Home) advertising solutions in Game Mania stores offer mass reach in a high-conversion environment, connecting you with millions of shoppers through targeted, programmatic narrowcasting.

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