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Talking Game

Born in Antwerp's dynamic landscape, we've grown with a singular vision: to connect brands with the ever-evolving gaming community.


At VCTRY, we believe every brand, endemic or non-endemic, can thrive in the gaming universe. We specialize in translating a brand's essence into the gaming language, ensuring that whether you're already a part of the gaming world or just stepping in, your message resonates powerfully and authentically with gamers across platforms.


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Our gamer-centric strategies position your brand in the heart of gaming culture.

  • Audience Analysis

  • Brand Positioning in Gaming

  • Narrative Development

  • Cross-Platform Strategy



Coffee breaks are save points.

Our team is a blend of industry veterans and gaming aficionados, each bringing unique expertise to the table.

Kjell Colsoul.png

Managing Director

Kjell Colsoul

  • LinkedIn

Business Development

Kris Lenaerts

  • LinkedIn
Simon Zijlemans.png

Senior Gaming Campaign Manager

Simon Zijlemans

  • LinkedIn
Marek Piepers.png

Media Manager

Marek Piepers

  • LinkedIn
Bram Eylenbosch.png

Senior Gaming Campaign Manager

Bram Eylenbosch

  • LinkedIn
Bram Bartels.png

Esports & Gaming Campaign Manager

Bram Bartels

  • LinkedIn

How we play



We bridge your brand with millions of gamers. Through influencers, dynamic cross-channel campaigns, and community sponsorships, we create connections that are not just seen but felt.



Engagement is our game. From interactive content to giveaways, custom games, and online tournaments, we keep gamers glued and interacting, turning every campaign into a can't-miss event.



Conversion is where we level up your game. We transform interest into loyalty, converting millennials, Gen Z and others into brand allies, and taking them from game enthusiasts to your brand advocates.

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