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Our 'master talking game' crashcourse


Learn to master 'talking game'.

Your challenge? To prove your gaming skills.

Play a simple game with your left and right buttons and space bar.

On mobile just tap left and right to move, hit the space ship to shoot.

You can participate until November 6.
Good luck!


1 in 3 gamers like brands more when linked to gaming...

And even 50% says a brand stands out more if it makes a link with gaming.

But with 6 in 10 gamers thinking a non-gaming brand should not misuse gaming for profit, you have to get things right from the start.

Gamers are harder to connect, engage and convert. In short: they are different  and so should your approach be.

Luckily for you, we talk game...

Let's talk game with them.

To reach, engage or even convert gamers, you need to understand what makes them tick.

We have uncovered the 5 key traits that define a gamer: the are vigourous, like challenges, enjoy their play together, prefer the clarity of rules (they need to be clear to break ‘em right?) and always go for the win: if there is no yield (return on game), there is no fun.

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