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Asmodee - Rule the World

The challenge

Asmodee Group, the leading international publisher of board games, presented us with an exciting challenge. They wanted to expand their range of board games to Game Mania, the video game retailer in the Netherlands and Belgium. Our mission was to ensure that the maximum number of gamers were aware of this new offering.

Our team worked together with Asmodee to developing a strategic marketing plan that focused on two of Asmodee's most popular board games: Pandemic and 7 Wonders. Despite their different gameplay mechanics, these games shared a common theme: the world. We recognized this as an opportunity to create a cohesive campaign that would highlight the exciting world-building aspects of both games.

How did we talk game? 

We love to help clients build brand awareness through compelling storytelling. For our recent campaign with Asmodee, we wanted to create a world that gamers would recognize and identify with, under the theme "Ready to Rule the World" and placed the player in the center as the hero of the game. 

As avid storytellers, we crafted a comprehensive marketing strategy that utilized advanced targeting techniques and our first-party data to connect with board game enthusiasts. Our messaging was tailored, and assets were created for digital channels to reach over 750,000 unique gamers who love to play board games and video games in the adventure genre.

Building awareness was only the first step of our campaign, and we needed to create a conversion strategy to encourage gamers to purchase Asmodee's board games. Through a series of compelling ads, in-store communication, and other digital content, we convinced gamers that Asmodee's board games were the perfect way to bring the excitement of the virtual world into their living rooms.

Can we claim VICTORY?

Thanks to our comprehensive marketing campaign, Asmodee saw a significant increase in sales of their board games at the retailer. The campaign successfully connected with gamers, made them feel like the hero of the game, and highlighted the world-building aspects of both Pandemic and 7 Wonders.

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