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JBL Quantum - Dive in Challenger

At VCTRY, we are always seeking innovative ways to promote our clients' products and services.  For JBL Quantum gaming headsets, we organized an engaging and dynamic gaming tournament that captivated gamers all across the Netherlands and Belgium.

The challenge

Our challenge was to raise awareness and generate buzz around the JBL Quantum gaming headset range. We aimed to connect with gamers, spark enthusiasm around the brand, and highlight the headset's features and benefits.

How did we talk game?

To bring gaming enthusiasts together, we organized a tournament where players competed for a spot on either Morrog or Paraduze's team, two of the most significant social media influencers in the Netherlands. The tournament finals were held in a 5v5 format at Gameforce, the largest gaming event in the country.

We began the tournament by conducting qualifiers for Rocket League, Fortnite, and Call of Duty Warzone. We also created a dedicated campaign website where participants could register for the tournament and receive an invite for the JBL Quantum Dive in Challenger Discord server. For Fortnite and Warzone, we organized pre-qualifiers, and the top 95 players made it to the qualifiers. The best players from the qualifiers formed the teams that competed in the finals at Gameforce.

To promote the tournament, we collaborated with the participating influencers to create engaging content for their channels, which reached over 100,000 gamers. We also partnered with popular gaming websites like XGN, 4gamers, and Power Unlimited.

We advised the client's media agency on an online media strategy, leveraging our first-party data to reach audiences on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, Connected TV, and through a display campaign. The media campaign exceeded expectations, generating over 18 million impressions with a reach of 5 million.

For the Dutch and Belgian editions of Gameforce, we worked with the organizers to build the JBL Quantum booth, which featured several activities providing visitors with product information and animations. The booth's centerpiece was a stage with prominent branding, professional gaming PCs, big screens for gameplay, and JBL Quantum headsets. The stage was also used for the tournament's finals.

Can we claim victory?

We can claim victory as the JBL Quantum Dive in Challenger was a great success. The campaign generated excitement and enthusiasm around the brand. The online media campaign exceeded our targets for impressions and clicks, and the tournament was well-attended by gamers from across the Netherlands and Belgium.

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